Wednesday, 22 February 2012

History of naming Vancouver Streets

Understanding History of naming Vancouver Streets makes life in Vancouver more interesting and exciting .

Ever wonder who your neighborhood streets were named after? 
 I have lived in Vancouver since last September but I never concern about streets name of Vancouver. When I worked around Richard strees, suddenly I wonder about origin of this street name.Is it great names of past ages? or some region's name? So I decide that I'll search about history of naming Vancouver streets. 

The street name has historical ,geographical background.
Usually streets name reflects regional characteristic and the orgin of streets name are greate names of past ages.
For example, Richard strees is named by L . A .Hamilton, after the Honourable Albert Norton Richards (1822-97), lieutenant-governor of British Columbia, 1876-81.

What do you think about the name of Cambie street?
It named after H. J. Cambie (1836 - 1928) an engineer and surveyor. He was employed by the CPR to choose a route for the railway, he also wqas in charge of construction work through the Fraser Canyon as well as overseeing all surveys in BC. The City of Abbottsford is also named after him.

Researching the origin of streets name makes you more understanding and interesting Vancouver life.
In order to understand the origin of streets name, you should research web sites, documents ,books about that city.  When I research the Vancouver streets name, I referenced these sites and documents.I could find a lot of things about Vancouver while I checked these materials also it makes me get familiar with this city.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Richard Street

I arrived in Vancouver last 9, September. It was  my first time in Canada. Next day I had to go  my school in Richard street in downtown. But I couldn't understand Vancouver's streets naming system and how to get there. I asked somebody but I couldn't understand his English also I don't have a good  sense of direction.

Finally I arrived in school 45minutes later so that Richard street is most unforgettable street name in Vancouver to me. But I never know the origin of that name. So that I searched the orgin of this street name.
Named by L . A .Hamilton, after the Honourable Albert Norton Richards (1822-97),
lieutenant-governor of British Columbia, 1876-81.

Richards was married twice: to Frances Chaffey in 1849 and to Ellen Chaffey Chislett in 1854.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Today's lesson


My interesting blog is "The City of Vancouver Archives Blog".

There are so many people behind this blog. One of  the contributors is  Heather Gordon.
She is manager of city of Vancouver Archives and is responsible for its day to day operation.
The other contributor is Sue Bigelow . She is a Digital Conservator who is responsible for the preservation of both analogue and digital holdings . This blog has been around since March 1,2011.

This site's tone is a little formal.
I wonder Vancouver's historical background , this blog gives a great store of knowledge about Vancouver's history. There are so many useful links on the site.

If I manage this blog , I would like to upload more pictures about Vancouver.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


We walk down our City streets and drive around our Vancouver neighbourhoods every day, ever wonder who Vancouver streets are named after?

My Interests are:

  • The origin of  Vancouver streets name.
  • The design of street name signs.
  • The history of Vancouver.
I plan to share information about street names of Vancouver and i will upload pictures about street name signs.